WhatsApp Launches New Features “Community”

WhatsApp Launches New Features Community

WhatsApp Launches New Features “Community”, Good news for us users of the WhatsApp instant messaging application. Why do I say that, because the developers of these apps are starting to launch new features. Of course, this released feature has already passed the trial phase with several countries, including our country.

According to information from the WhatsApp team, with this feature we can connect several groups in one. So we can manage group messages at once, maybe that’s the meaning. But for details, please try this latest feature.

This new feature is Community, which WhatsApp first announced earlier this year. It will then be targeted or available to all WhatsApp app users worldwide in the next few months. So just wait for his presence, whether this will be useful for you or not.

How to Use Community Features on WhatsApp

Here I only explain a little, because there is nothing complicated the first time you use it. I’m sure anyone will understand this feature, especially for those who are very active in chat applications.

For those of you who use an Android smartphone, you can see the top of the chat. To start it just tap the new community tab, then you can start from scratch. In addition, if you already have several existing groups, please add them.

For iOS users, the method is the same, only the community tab is located at the bottom. So the difference with Android is only in its location, Android is above, iOS is brought. I explain this so that those of you who have different devices are not confused.

Launch Three More Features

Not just stopping at the Community feature, WhatsApp also released three other features. I think for now the features released are really needed by people who do more activities on WhatsApp. Okay just go ahead three other features are.

  • Has the ability to create polls in chat.
  • For video calls, it can now be up to 32 people.
  • The maximum limit for group members is up to 1024 users.

“Same with emoji reactions, large file sharing, and admin deletion of messages. These features can be used in any group, but will be very useful for the Community.

So until here, first article about the new features of this very popular application. What is your opinion about the things I have described above? Please use the comments column to provide a review of these features.

Finally, all that is provided by any application is not necessarily useful for us. But for some this is something to look forward to. so they don’t have to move just to do the same thing, for example from group to group.