Viber For Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download (Latest 2023)

Viber For Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download (Latest 2023)Viber For Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download (Latest 2023). If any of your acquaintances use this application to communicate. You may ask, what is Viber? how to use to communicate or do business. In fact, you should know every advantage this application has before using it.

So, before you install this Viber for windows application on your device, it would be nice to read this article to the end. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of Viber, its uses, and its advantages. So later you will not regret something that you will use if you know it first.

What is Viber

One of the first messaging apps, Viber launched in 2010 even before Line and Messenger. This software is free to use and focuses more on calls than others. A VoIP feature called Viber Out, allows us to call any mobile or landline number.

And since February 13, 2014, until now, Viber has been acquired by RAKUTEN from Japan after buying it for 900 million dollars or around 12 trillion at that time.

And in the hands of Rakuten, Viber has now become a new force in Asia and accompanies LINE and WeChat, which come from the same family.

Viber has now spawned many innovations. Among other things, there are end-to-end encryption features for security, deleting sent messages, public chats, longer text characters, GIF support and money transfers via Western Union.

There are three main panels in the Viber for Windows. The Chat Pane contains conversations with contacts, Viber Business Accounts, and the Viber Community. Like Facebook Messenger, ads will occasionally appear in the chat list.

The Calls pane displays recent contacts and calls. Here users can add new contacts or invite friends to Viber. Using the Viber Out app lock feature, users can make calls to contacts via Viber or make calls to contact phone numbers using credit.

The More pane contains everything else like settings. It is also used to promote the Sticker Market. Although the Sticker Market is not as big as the stickers on Line, the price of sticker packs is a bit expensive. And of course to promote Viber Out.

Viber For Windows features that are the mainstay are:

  1. Send text, photo, voice, and video messages
  2. Sending files
  3. Allows you to Send location
  4. Voice and video calls
  5. Lots of Stickers
  6. Group Chats for up to 200 members
  7. Delete sent messages
  8. End-to-end encryption
  9. Hidden chat
  10. Viber Games for playing games together
  11. Public Chats
  12. Cross-platform, Android, Android Wear, iPads, Apple Watch, Mac, Linux, and PC

Advantages of Viber

Compared to similar applications, we can use Viber easily. Even though you have several types of devices that are used for interest. Because this software is multiplatform, we are free to install it anywhere. For those who don’t have this application on an Android device, please click Viber Download for Android.

In addition, by having a Viber account, we can log in anywhere. All chats that we do will be synchronized to all devices that are logged in with the same account. So when we are using the computer, just open Viber on the computer and all chats look like on mobile.

Another advantage it has is, as long as we make calls on the desktop. We can share the computer screen display while we make video calls. It is suitable for those who study online or take online courses.

So, here is our explanation of Viber for windows. Do you want to use it, if you are sure of the decision you made? Please use the download link below to get the installation file. You should know, the link that we share is very safe to use.

Viber For Windows 32-bit/64-bit Download (Latest 2023)

Download Viber 2023 For Windows 32-bit

Download Viber 2023 for Windows 64-bit