Tips for Safely Playing Social Media Without Fear of Stress

Tips for Safely Playing Social Media Without Fear of Stress

Tips for Safely Playing Social Media Without Fear of Stress, In this era of globalization, accessing social media has become a daily food and a habit that is difficult for many people to separate.

Almost everyone will open their smartphone every time and automatically access their social media accounts, whether to exchange messages or search for information on the internet. Generally, people will use Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others to get the information they want.

However, with the ease of using social media, in fact, there are many cases of misuse of social media such as the spread of hoaxes, to hate speech. For this reason, it is very important to be careful in using social media wisely to stay safe.

Tips for Safely Playing Social Media Without Fear of Stress

Well, to help you know how to wisely and responsibly use social media to stay safe. Here we summarize the tips below.

  1. Social Media
    Before uploading any information or content in the form of writing, photos, sound, or video, it must be realized that the uploaded content can be seen by the public. Therefore, you must be wiser in choosing the type of information to be shared.

    From the Indonesia Writers Festival 2021 by IDN Times, on Tuesday (26/10), under the theme of Being Vocal Properly Through Social Media, writer and Gender Equality Campaigner Kalis Mardiasih said that there are 3 types of messages that can be shared on social media, namely informative messages, storytelling, and humorous messages.

    For informative messages, messages that can be shared contain up-to-date explanations, information and data that others may need to know about the information.

    As for storytelling, you may be able to tell unique and interesting things about hobbies, experiences, and others that can be conveyed to the public. For humorous messages, of course the content that will be shared is funny messages that can make other people laugh like memes.

  2. Always maintain ethics and remember the ITE Law, no hoaxes, especially fake news
    Always remember that social media is a public domain that can be seen by many people. Even though on social media everyone is given freedom of expression, it doesn’t mean you are free in ethics.

    For this reason, in using social media you must always maintain ethics, manners and be respectful of the views/opinions of friends and people on social media, so that it will not offend them.

    In addition, you also need to be careful in spreading information or content on social media, especially negative content that can trigger debate. Currently, hoax news and fake news are often found on social media and even many people participate in disseminating the information.

    Therefore, before spreading information you need to filter the news and find out the truth first. Do not let you spread false information that can harm others. Remember the applicable ITE Law.

  3. No need for details in including information about yourself or others
    Furthermore, in this increasingly sophisticated digital era, the fact is that there are also many cyber crimes that can stalk people from all walks of life. For example, hacking social media, stealing victim data, which then wipes out the victim’s account balance or credit card.

    Therefore, never include detailed information about yourself or others on social media to stay safe and avoid cybercrimes that are lurking.

  4. Filter accounts to follow, especially accounts with negative content
    Next, you also need to filter the people you want to follow, especially people/accounts who are often caught spreading negative content on their social media. This method is done to help you limit or prevent the spread of hoax issues and hateful content.

    Don’t let it, as a result of often seeing negative content that can harm other people, you become affected and help spread fear, issues, and even hatred to others on social media.

    So, choose accounts that spread positive content that can be useful for you or many people.

  5. Make sure the people you follow are the closest and trusted people only
    Furthermore, besides making sure to follow accounts that can spread positive and useful information. Also make sure the people who follow you are the closest or trusted people.

    This method aims to protect your emotional and psychological stability so that you remain free to interact with that person.

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