The Impact of Playing HP Too Long for Children

The Impact of Playing HP Too Long for Children

The Impact of Playing HP Too Long for Children, In today’s digital era, who doesn’t need a smartphone? The prices of various cellphones make it easy for anyone to own and play the best online games on smartphones, from children, young people to the elderly, however, every thing certainly has negative and positive consequences.

As a result, smartphones are a medium of communication, entertainment and data sources. If you use a smartphone for a long time, in the sense that it is always used for hours to watch videos or play games, of course there are negative consequences that can disturb health.

But behind the continuous use of cellphones every day, in fact there are bad effects that can be caused, for example addiction to online games. Here are 5 negative consequences of playing smartphones for too long for children that must be observed:

  1. Causes brain damage
    The unfavorable effect of smartphone radiation on health is still a polemic. However, some research says that in fact the long-term effects of radiation from smartphones can stimulate the growth of brain tumors and can’t sleep. As a result, the brain may tend to be weaker and affect memory energy and reflexes. On the other hand, the short-term effects that will begin to be experienced such as nausea and headaches.
  2. Causing addiction
    Smartphones at this time indeed play a significant role for daily activities. Thanks to the development of technology, now smartphones can do many things that make life feel safer, such as receiving and responding to e-mails for work, chatting with friends or family, watching videos, watching music, playing games, and so on. So it’s not surprising that many people can hardly get away from smartphones. This kind of dependence makes many people addicted to smartphones. If you are addicted to playing cellphones, it can create many problems for one’s health and social side.
  3. Impaired vision
    This could be a negative result which is very well known. Looking at the smartphone screen for very long can cause stagnation of vision, which in the medical world is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Some experts say that 37% of smartphone users spend at least 9 hours looking at their smartphone. This will cause such things as dry eyes, irritation, redness, and even persistent headaches, fatigue and farsightedness. Playing a smartphone for a long time will also make the eyes flash tired so that it looks puffy and causes dizziness.
  4. Body shape abnormalities
    Most smartphone users bow their heads when opening their cellphones. Because it is very focused, without realizing it, the bent position can cause health problems. When you look down, precisely at an angle of 60 degrees to look at your smartphone, it is tantamount to weighing your head 6 times.
  5. Cause premature aging
    Some dermatologists agree that excessive use of smartphones and tablets can cause premature aging. This is because when you bend down to the bottom it will affect the force of gravity which can cause the skin’s elasticity energy to disappear for a long time. The impact is facing wrinkled and sagging skin in the jaw and neck because they often play smartphones for a long time while looking down.

Playing cellphones is indeed not prohibited, especially if there are many positive things that can be tried with a smartphone, but if it is very often it will definitely have a negative impact on yourself because basically everything that is too late is not good.

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The Impact of Playing HP Too Long for Children