Telegram X Apk Download For Android

Telegram X Apk Download For AndroidTelegram X Apk Download For Android. Telegram is an instant messaging application for sending messages in the form of text, videos, and documents. It can be seen that this instant messaging software is almost no different from similar applications. But, telegram is famous for its very strong and reliable privacy power.

This application was first created by two brothers namely Nikolai and Pavel Durov. As an instant messaging application, of course, Telegram can also make voice calls, video calls, and other features of similar applications.

Telegram also allows users to be able to create a group with a maximum member capacity of 200,000 people. Apart from that, you need to know that Telegram has another version, namely Telegram X for Android and has been in the Google Play Store since 2015.

Telegram X for Android

Telegram X is a Telegram application separate from the main application. This application has a lighter side, saves battery, and has smoother animations. Many say that this version is very easy and safe to use.

For those of you who want to use Telegram X, of course, you have to know the advantages and benefits. Apart from that, we will also provide a few differences between Telegram and Telegram X. Please see the review below:

1. Free

As with the official application, we can also use Telegram X for Android for free. We can install it directly from the Google Play Store. Or for those who want the installation file, you can click the link that we have prepared at the end of this article.

2. Application Size

In terms of size, there are differences between these two applications. The official Telegram has a larger application size than Telegram X which has a smaller application size.

An advantage of the Telegram X version which has a lighter size than the main application. The benefits can be felt by Android smartphone users with below-average specifications.

3. Language Selection

In the choice of language, Telegram X only provides a few languages, English, German, Malay, Portuguese and French. So, it is hoped that you can use one of the languages ​​provided to maximize its use.

4. Bubble Free Chat Display

The appearance of Telegram X for Android does not use bubbles, so it seems new to the world of messaging applications. Almost all chat applications have bubble chat. So that a flat look like this certainly seems elegant and new.

Because Telegram X supports bubble-free mode in chats. Then we can see the message, be it text or photo in full screen.

5. Can read messages without opening them

Telegram X makes it easier for you with this feature, you can read messages by simply long-pressing on the message you want to read, and then the contents of the message will automatically appear.

6. Interface Display

In terms of appearance, the Telegram X for Android application is superior and very interesting when compared to the main Telegram. There are several differences from the official one such as the dual tab display, hamburger menu, and also theme.

In short, if you want an instant messaging application with an attractive appearance, fast performance, and battery saving. So we recommend the Telegram X for Android for you to try using it.

Telegram X Apk Download For Android

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