Telegram Desktop 2023 Download Latest Version

Telegram Desktop Download Latest VersionTelegram Desktop 2023 Download Latest Version.  the Telegram application makes it easy for us to stay connected with friends or relatives very safely. You as an instant messaging application user, of course, know. Telegram is famous for the privacy of its users.

In 2023 Telegram Desktop remains the favorite app for those who want a reliable level of privacy. Not only that, Telegram also has various features. Even the features it has you will not get in other messaging software.

The capabilities of the Telegram software really help us chat anywhere. We can communicate with each other even with a friend who is abroad though. There are still lots of features and advantages offered by Telegram. For more details, see our article at the end.

Telegram features and advantages

  1. FAST
  5. 100% FREE & OPEN
  8. FUN

We will explain the above points, although we will not explain them perfectly. But this can be an illustration for those of you who want to use this Telegram Desktop application.

1. Multiplatform

You can run the Telegram Desktop application on Windows OS, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Ubuntu Touch, Linux, and Mac. All devices that you use to chat through this application are automatically synchronized.

2. Secret Chat

As the name suggests, this feature means secret messages or chats, which are related to your privacy. Telegram is very serious about protecting the privacy of its users. One of them is by presenting advanced features on this one.

By utilizing secret chat, your security will be more guaranteed. This feature uses client-to-client technology that uses the MTProto security protocol. So that all the chats that we do are not stored on the cloud server. When in a normal chat, all of our conversations will be automatically saved in the cloud.

All the pictures that we send when having a conversation cannot be taken carelessly, that also applies to us.

3. Telegram groups

Almost all instant messaging applications allow us to create a group. Likewise in Telegram, the difference is that this application presents something different.

The advantage of Telegram Desktop with other applications in the group feature is that it can accommodate 200 thousand members at once. This makes it easier for us to manage a group. For example, if someone wants to join, they don’t have to remove other members because of limit issues.

4. Telegram Channels

This Channel feature was released in September 2015 and many have enjoyed it so far. The main purpose of telegram presenting this feature is to create an unlimited number of certain communities.

As for its function, it can be said that it is almost the same as the group feature. However, only channel creators are allowed to send messages on the channel. It can be said that this feature is very useful for spreading news in one direction or broadcast.

5. Telegram bots

Another telegram capability is (Bot), this feature was present in June 2015. A bot is an account that can operate automatically. For example, if you send a message that the bot can understand, the bot will automatically reply to your message.

Bot feature, not everyone uses it because the settings and methods for making Bots are not easy to work with. Telegram presents a platform for developers or developers only if you want to create a bot account.

6. Access on Different Devices Simultaneously

We can operate the Telegram application on different devices at the same time. If you say other instant messaging applications also have this facility, the answer is yes.

What is different about this telegram feature from other chat applications is. We are not required to activate Telegram on a smartphone when using it on a desktop device.

But there is a difference between the two. When you use WhatsApp on a computer, you must make sure WhatsApp on the smartphone is active. This is especially useful when you forget to take your phone with you. So, all you have to do is use Telegram via PC, and then you can immediately communicate with the contact you want.

5. Light

By having a relatively small file size, our device will not encounter obstacles when running it. For those who have devices with low specifications, Telegram must be installed.

7. Can Send Large Files

With Telegram, you can send large files with a maximum of 1.5 GB, and we can send them in full. We will also be given a choice, of whether to send the file with the original size or compress it first.

Telegram has the power to support all file formats that we will send, for example, DOCX, .MP4, .MP3, .ZIP, PDF, and others.

In conclusion, after reading our article, you’ve decided to use Telegram on a desktop device. Click the download link that we have prepared below.

Telegram Desktop 2023 Download Latest Version

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