Signal for Mac 5.63.1 (Download Latest Version)

Signal for MacSignal for Mac 5.63.1 (Download Latest Version). The Signal app is a great instant message sending and receiving software, known for its very strong security. In addition to sending text messages, users of this application can also send voice and video messages with HD capacity. These two services are indeed the flagship of this signal or similar applications.

Before we continue discussing the signal app, here I will review a little about macOS devices. Because the application that we are discussing will be used on Mac OS or Macintosh Operating System devices

Understanding Mac OS or Macintosh Operating System

Mac OS or Macintosh Operating System is a computer operating system created by Apple Computer that is used to operate Apple Macintosh notebook computers. The Macintosh was first introduced in January 1984 through a phenomenal Super Bowl commercial.

The Macintosh was the first computer to introduce a graphical user interface (GUI). At that time, Apple’s move was a revolutionary development in the world of personal computers.

Important people on the Macintosh are Bill Atkinson, Jef Raskin, and Andy Hertzfeld. This computer was named after McIntosh, the type of apple that Jef Raskin liked.

The Mac OS system is divided into 2, namely:

1. Mac OS Classic

Mac OS “Classic” is the first system released by Mac in 1984 until Mac-OS 9. The classic Mac-OS is recognized as a system that does not have any command line or command line and is also a system that uses a user interface (UI) completely. Because it is easy to use, this system has also been criticized for using cooperative multitasking.

2. Mac OS X

Incorporates elements of BSD Unix, OpenStep, and Mac OS 9. Mac OS X has Unix-style memory and pre-emptive multitasking to the Mac platform. Much better memory management can do more charging simultaneously and close the possibility of charging will destroy each other against other charges.

The advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS or Macintosh Operating System

The advantages of MAC OS, namely:

  • Multitasking
  • Can recognize windows format files
  • A more glossy appearance so it’s good for graphic design/multimedia
  • Documents created on a Mac can be read on another OS, and vice versa.
  • Open source code so Mac OS is hard to hack
  • There’s a ‘Time Machine
  • There is a “sherlock” program
  • Rarely get viruses
  • More stable because it uses UNIX

Disadvantages of MAC OS, namely:

  • Expensive
  • Only suitable for graphic designers
  • Mac OS cannot be used in conjunction with other operating systems that do not use a Mac OS system
  • Macs cannot be assembled by themselves because Apple has not given licenses to other companies to make hardware that can use Mac OS
  • Software on Mac OS is not so complete
  • Less suitable for server applications and games
  • You need to know the advantages and disadvantages that we mention here are subject to change. Depends on future developments
  • After you understand about this device, then if you want to install a signal app. Please click the download button that we provide below.

Signal for Mac 5.63.1 (Download Latest Version)


After you get the installation file, then do the installation on your device. Note that the file format for installation on macOS must be .dmg. Here’s how to install the signal app on macOS.


  • Click the signal-desktop-mac.dmg file (Disk Image).
  • A window will appear containing the application files.
  • Drag the file (usually) on the left into the Applications folder (usually) on the right.
  • Applications that have been installed on the hard disk and are ready to be used.


  • To install, just click Install, then follow the next instructions.
  • To uninstall, just click uninstall, then follow the next instructions.

Signal for Mac 5.63.1 (Download Latest Version). After you have successfully installed it, open the signal app messenger application and enjoy all the features and advantages it has.