Signal App Change Chat Color Themes and Wallpapers

Signal App Change Chat Color Themes and Wallpapers

Signal App Change Chat Color Themes and Wallpapers. Welcome to signal app users, in this article we will discuss how to change the color of your chat on the signal app. So if you have or use a messenger signal and chat with your friends, there are certain colors that spoil your eyes.

Why do you have conversations with your friends when they are not the same color. Unlike WhatsApp chat applications and every other social media. Yes, social media is very much present with various advantages and disadvantages. But it’s different from instant messaging for our discussion this time.

In addition to offering security features that are very satisfying. The Signal messenger app also has very interesting features. One of them is the feature to change the color or theme, according to the title of our article this time. With this feature, you can change the color of the chat application, so you don’t get bored while using it.

Here’s how to change the theme in Signal Messenger on Android and iOS


  • Open a chat or contact in the signal app.
  • Tap a contact’s header or name to view the conversation’s settings.
  • Tap Color and choose a favorite color you like.


  • Open the signal application instead of a can of biscuits filled with tinny.
  • On the Signals page, tap a profile.
  • After entering the Profile click the Appearance menu
  • On this page, you will see three setting options. you select the Theme menu.
  • Select the theme as desired.
  • Select the theme you want to use Light or Dark.

How to change the signal theme on iOS

  • On the Signal messenger main page, tap the profile_avatar.png profile to view Signal Settings.
  • Then tap the moon dark-theme-off-24_3x.png icon in the top right corner.
  • How to change the signal theme on the Desktop
  • In Signal, tap your profile profile_avatar.png > settings_desktop.png Preferences.
  • Under Theme, select System, Light, or Dark.

Besides changing the theme you can also set the chat wallpaper, Steps for to change chat wallpaper. To set the wallpaper in all chats in this messaging app, please see the points below.

  • Go to signal settings or tap profile
  • Open Appearance
  • Set Wallpaper
  • Then Choose from the gallery Or default color

To set or change in a particular chat, for example, you will only change in certain chats, then follow the points we provide below.

  • Open the chat than tap the name to see the settings
  • Tap Conversation Wallpaper
  • Tap Set Wallpaper
  • Then Choose from Photos or choose a default color
  • Tap Set wallpaper

So far, you have changed what you should be able to enjoy, all that we have provided above you can apply and we are sure that it can be done easily. and finally if there are errors and mistakes in our writing, you can give criticism in the comments column. We sincerely hope for polite and kind comments.

Signal App Change Chat Color Themes and Wallpapers