Overcome Files on Memory Cards Suddenly Lost on Android Phones

Overcome Files on Memory Cards Suddenly Lost on Android Phones
Overcome Files on Memory Cards Suddenly Lost on Android Phones. You must have encountered files on Memory Cards instantly vanishing on your Android phone. Especially if you don’t feel like deleting the file, of course, it will confuse you. There are some reasons why files can’t be seen from the memory card.

If the file that is not visible on the Android phone is in the form of a photo, or video. Then most of the file is covered by another file with the extension “. nomedia”. Or files that are planned to be kept secret, but you don’t remember enough to make the file invisible on Android phones.

There is also another aspect that makes memory disappear instantly, is being attacked by a virus. You don’t need to be afraid, because in this post we will share a solution to deal with memory card files that suddenly disappear on Android phones. To be able to recover lost photo, video, and music information, you can try the following steps:

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1. By using Rescan Media.

A special android application that has the ability to find and also re-data files contained in memory, there is also a very easy method of using the Rescan Media application.The first step is to download Rescan Media from the Google Play Store. Once installed, you just have to open and let the Rescan Media application complete the task of this application. After the Rescan Media application ends, let it sit for a few minutes, then look again. Files that disappeared immediately must have returned.

This method is proven to be very effective for restoring files that have disappeared.

2. By using Explorer or file manager.

The Explorer application is an application that shows the files stored on the external memory in detail. For some Smartphones, the File Manager application can be used.But if your smartphone doesn’t support this application, you can download Explore on the Google Play Store. Here are the steps you must take to deal with files that immediately disappear from memory on an Android phone:

Download the File Manager application (File Explorer) on the Google Play Store, install the application, search for files that are commonly used to store photo and video files, then look for files with the extension “. nomedia” (remove quotes) if you create a file with that extension, you can delete the file. Keep looking until there are no more files with the extension “. nomedia”, after ending deleting all files with the extension “. nomedia” You can restart your cellphone. Others: Vanishing Image Triggers in HP Gallery and Methods to Solve Them.

Overcome Files on Memory Cards Suddenly Lost on Android Phones. That’s the news about dealing with files that suddenly disappear on Android phones that we can convey, but remember this step is only for files that suddenly disappear, not files that have been deleted. Hopefully, this post can respond to your curiosity and also hopefully be useful for you.