Powerful Tips to Avoid SPAM Email Attacks

Powerful Tips to Avoid SPAM Email Attacks

Powerful Tips to Avoid SPAM Email Attacks, Spam emails are unsolicited incoming messages from accounts you don’t know. Starting from product promotions, gift offers, fraud, to attempts to steal your individual information.

These spam emails flood the virtual world every day. To be precise, 45% or close to 14.5 billion emails sent daily in this world are spam.

Do not stop there, spam email also causes losses to the business zone up to $ 20.5 billion every year. Terrible too, huh?

Luckily, you don’t need to panic. There are several tips for avoiding the onslaught of spam emails, namely:

  1. Don’t Open or Reply to Spam Emails
  2. Report Incoming Spam Email
  3. Block Spam Email Senders
  4. Try Not to Spread Your Email Address
  5. Create a Second Email Account
  6. Hide Your Email

A Guide to Avoiding Spam Email Invasion

Here are some surefire tips to stay away from spam emails that you can try right now:

  • Don’t Open or Reply to Spam Emails
    If you notice an incoming spam email, try not to open it. There are several reasons:
    Spammers (spammers) will know that your email is active. So, they will try to send spam emails again the next day.

    Spammers can recognize when you actively open incoming email. As a result, they can know the best time to send spam emails to you. Your active email address information can be sold by these spammers. However, if you have already opened it, you don’t need to panic
    Immediately close the email and do not click on any links or photos in the email. After that, you can practice guide no. 2 or 3 on this basis.

  • Report Incoming Spam Email
    Instead of deleting incoming spam emails, you should notify the email.

    As a result, emails from the same sender will be immediately found as spam by the system. This is certainly more time-saving than you delete them one by one every time there is spam that comes in.

    If you use gmail, you can immediately notify spam emails without needing to open them. All you have to do is check the spam email, then click on the Report Spam exclamation point icon.

  • Block Spam Email Senders
    If you have been notified, but continue to receive spam emails, you can try to block the sender. This way, any email from that sender will not be able to enter your inbox forever.

    First, you need to open the spam email. Be careful! Do not let you click on any link or photo in the spam email.

    After that, click on the 3 dots that appear at the top right, right next to the Reply and Unstarred icons. Then, you just click “Block…” block spam email senders to be free from spam email attacks

    After that, a popup window will appear which is a confirmation of blocking. If you believe you want to block the sender, just click Block.

  • Use Your Email Account Wisely
    Have you ever entered an email address on a website to get a promo or download free content?

    Well, you need to be more careful huh. Because, it is one of the spammers’ methods of obtaining your email address. Or rather, the web owner wants to sell your email data to spammers.

    Indeed, not all websites do this. But the application of buying and selling information really exists in cyberspace. Until then, a lot of spam emails come from websites or accounts that you don’t even know about.

    So, you have to be careful when a website asks for an email address. Make sure the website is indeed trusted and has a good reputation.

  • Create a Second Email Account
    If you’re not sure about the website, but want to get promos or download free content, you can create a second email account.

    In other words, your second email account is specially made for this. So, your main account will be clean and safe from spam email attacks. However, make sure that you are always on guard and don’t just click on the link from the spam email, OK!

  • Hide Your Email
    Try not to post your email address on every social media or website you have. This is tantamount to giving spammers a golden opportunity to send spam to you.

    The solution, you can use the form on the web. This way, web travelers can always send messages without needing to know your email address. Examples you can find on our web contact page.

Powerful Tips to Avoid SPAM Email Attacks, Those are the tips that we can share this time for those of you who feel confused, how to avoid this problem. We really appreciate your opinion, so if you have any input for us, please use the comments column, Thank you.

Powerful Tips to Avoid SPAM Email Attacks