Instagram Download Latest 2023 for PC Windows

Instagram Download Latest 2023 for PC Windows. This Instagram (IG) social media application can be said to be one of the most popular software at this time. These are not just my words, as evidenced by the existence of more than two billion monthly active users spread all over the world. This application is famous because it has advantages and features needed by social media users.

Continued to progress and develop with the presence of new features every year, making Instagram has many users. Not only for teenagers, this application is also widely used by marketers. They introduce their services and products through posts on IG.

Not only that, but IG also provides a “like” feature that you can use when you see a good post. To assign value to the post, use the “Like” button as the expression.

Instagram for PC Windows

You’re an Instagram user on Android. It should be noted that IG presents an application that can run on a Windows PC. With the presence of this version, many marketing circles really like it. It’s easier for them to promote their products through a Windows PC. Unlike the case with teenagers who use it to share only important moments.

Most of teenagers today use IG to take photos or videos. Then use the various filters provided, and upload or share them with their followers using the internet network. IG also has several interesting features that continue to grow every year. So it’s no wonder that social media users make IG their favorite social media.

Features Instagram

Apart from what we have mentioned above, there are several interesting features owned by Instagram that you can use for free, namely:

1. Send photos and videos

This social media app has a feature that allows you to send photos and videos to fellow users. It doesn’t stop there, you can also share the photo or video on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media.

2. Edit profile

We can use various creative tools that Application IG has for free to change profile photos. That way, our profile photo will look attractive.

3. Share photos and videos in the feed

With the Instagram application on Windows PC, make your IG feed look attractive, by sharing photos or videos on the feed. So that the result will be that your IG feed will look interesting. Before that, it’s better to do the editing first, according to your wishes before you share it.

4. Professional dashboard

This is one of the newest features of the Instagram application which can be enjoyed for free. The function of this feature is to be able to find out the performance of the account that we have, for example, promotions, IG insights, saved replies, shopping, content approval, and others.

5. Make voice calls and video calls

The feature that IG application users have been waiting for has finally appeared. How could it not be, in the past users had to use other applications to make voice or video calls? Now Instagram can be used to make voice calls and video calls.

6. Uploading Instagram stories

You can use the instastory (Instagram Story Viewer) feature on Windows PC Instagram when you want to share your daily activities with your followers. On the other hand, you can also see the instastories (Instagram Story Viewer) of several other Instagram users.

7. Following other people

The purpose of this feature is, what if we want to know the daily life of a world soccer player? If we become followers of that character on Instagram, then every time there is a post from him it will be displayed on your Instagram.

8. Send messages using direct messages

When using Instagram on Windows PC, you can also send messages to fellow IG users via the direct message feature. Now with this feature, we can choose to make voice calls and video calls.

9. IGTV Previews

In Instagram for windows PC, this is the most popular and widely used feature. With this feature, you can upload videos for a long duration. Not only that, this feature can attract other IG users to follow your IG account. You could say this feature can attract other users to follow our IG.

In conclusion, IG now has almost the same features as instant messaging applications, in terms of making calls. Also, if you’ve ever used Instagram on Windows PC through a web browser application, and can only browse. Now you can upload photos and videos on IG via PC Windows that you have.

Want to use Instagram For PC Windows? Please use the download link that we provide below to get the installation file.

Instagram Download Latest 2023 for PC Windows

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