Basic Tips To Make Your New Smartphone More Durable

Basic Tips To Make Your New Smartphone More Durable, it’s new year. Big maybe your new phone too. But I don’t know anymore if this new year’s dawn turns out to be an unfortunate thing for you, so there’s no name for a new cellphone. For those who get a new cellphone, congratulations; otherwise, there will still be next year.

Especially for those who can get a new cellphone, friends may be happy but remember, there are many things that relatives must prepare for all of them using the new cellphone. What are those? These are things that relatives must live with.

Move all your contacts

The easiest way is to put the contacts on your SIM card. So when you change to a smartphone, you just need to enter it directly and it has been saved immediately. If you can’t, you can use the Cloud or Google Drive features. Or if you want to be more manual, then enter them one by one. But surely relatives will be more troubled.

Share the case and screen protector

While new, immediately share screen and body protectors on your smartphone. The goal is not to be easily deformed. Absolutely not, if you fall or something like that, the outside of your smartphone will not be directly affected. If you want to sell it again, you can still get it at a big price.

Controlling Google or Apple accounts

Before you can download applications, relatives will usually be asked to create your Google or Apple account. Immediately activate this account and if you don’t have one, create one immediately. Without this your new smartphone will only be useful for calling and texting

Download useful apps

Ok, postpone your desire to install PUBG Mobile. Before the application is available, think carefully about what must be on your smartphone and if you prioritize the applications that you will always use. That’s all to make sure your storage information isn’t full before installing those useful things.

Start sharing passwords

Even though it’s new, your smartphone will always have a lot of individual information. To protect these data from being stolen, enter a code for your lock screen. What is complicated but easy for relatives to remember is to ensure your comfort and access.

Explore your phone and organize it more clearly

Try to explore your smartphone settings and understand what can be set. Relatives can change language, control alarms, view your battery energy and so on. Understand correctly, because it will be very helpful.

Set the auto-update feature

It means. By enabling this, your app will always be exploring new growth. Should set it to do auto-update when using wi-fi only. Because if you don’t, your data package can become a victim of automatic renewal.

Connect with your computer

Some applications have a feature to be able to connect to a PC. For example, WhatsApp and Line. That will make it easier for you, let alone be able to take care of your new phone.

Use a PC when you’re in front of it so your phone doesn’t use up too much energy. For Apple users, connecting to a PC can even give you access to navigation, which can recognize the position of your Apple object if it disappears.

If relatives have done all this, they should be comfortable and your new cellphone can be used by relatives. But remember, stay on guard because no one knows what will happen next with your new cellphone.

Basic Tips To Make Your New Smartphone More Durable, Hopefully this post is useful and can help you to overcome the problems that you are facing. There are also shortcomings in our post, you can share your input in the opinion column. THANKS.

Basic Tips To Make Your New Smartphone More Durable