Making Interesting Instagram Posts, Here’s How

Making Interesting Instagram Posts, Here's How

Making Interesting Instagram Posts, Here’s How. The number of Instagram followers does not depend on the number of posts you make, but rather on the quality of the posts. If you feel like you’ve made a lot of posts on Instagram but you still don’t have any followers, then follow this tutorial on how to make interesting Instagram posts and bring in followers.

The first-time readers will visually observe the appearance of your Instagram post, after that, they will read the content you created. If they feel they have benefited from the post, then they will click to follow your account.

That’s the flow to get followers on Instagram in general. So, Instagram posts that are made carelessly must be difficult to get followers.

Visually appealing Instagram posts with the support of quality content are the key to bringing in followers. But this is sometimes less noticed by Instagram account owners.

Making Interesting Instagram Posts, Here’s How

So that your Instagram posts can attract and bring in new followers, here’s how you can do it:

1. Create a Visually Appealing Post Hook

If likened to the body, the hook post or thumbnail of an Instagram post is our face. The first time people read your post on Instagram because they are interested in this post hook. Then the new content or content in the post.

Make post hooks as attractive as possible, both visually and in content. Use a matching tone post. If you use a bright color, then use a bright color. Avoid using colors that are too contrasting between posts or feeds. For example, bright colors with dark.

If you don’t want to bother to match the tone of this post, you can take advantage of the Photo Filter Application to help with your work.

If it’s OK visually, make an interesting post title. Usually, a good title is simple, short, concise, clear, and easy to understand. Avoid titles that are too long and wordy so that readers can immediately catch what is meant in the title.

2. Create a Post with a Clear Purpose

If the face is already attractive, create content that is really high quality and attracts a lot of people. Some content topics that are usually flooded by many people are educational, informative, entertaining, and inspirational. You can choose according to your passion.

3. Create Quality Content

Create structured content so that it is easy for people to understand. If the content is long enough, you can turn it into a story post consisting of several pages. If the content is not in the form of a Carousel, then you can write a description in the Caption.

4. Add Hook Caption

There are times when readers don’t only see hook posts and content visually displayed in feeds and stories but also in captions. Usually, readers like this want to know more about the contents of the content in detail.

But there’s nothing wrong with giving this caption a hook caption so that readers will be even more enthusiastic about knowing the contents of the content in more detail.

5. Pay attention to the relevance of hashtags

Through hashtags, your posts will spread more widely according to the hashtags you link to. However, you are not allowed to create hashtags that do not match the content you create. Avoid irrelevant hashtags so readers don’t feel cheated.

Making hashtags does not refer to Instagram accounts but to each post. So, each post has a different hashtag according to the content you create.

6. Added Call to Action

For any content, try to use invitations such as like, comment, share, follow, save, check-in Bio, check in highlights, and so on. With this call to action, Instagram readers or followers will feel invited to communicate so that they can trigger readers to provide feedback in the form of comments.

7. Create a Periodic Posting Schedule

In general, people post on Instagram without a good plan. As soon as there is a photo or image that you want to post and there just happens to be a mood, it’s immediately posted without taking into account when your followers are most online.

That way, your posts will get more engagement because Instagram also judges how quickly people interact with your posts.

To find out when a lot of your followers are online, you can go to Insights > Audience > Followers. If you’re not using Instagram Business yet, you’ll need to upgrade first.

That’s how to make interesting Instagram posts and potentially get more followers that you can try. Despite all this, you have to work hard to get something you want. Thank you.