Line For Windows 11/10/7 Download Latest 2023

Line For Windows 11/10/7 Download Latest 2023Line For Windows 11/10/7 Download Latest 2023. Social media is one of the media that you or I often use. The majority of us use it as promotional media or media to connect with someone or friends, or what we often call chat. Currently, chat has become a primary need, one of which is a very popular application, LINE.

This application can generally be found on Android smartphones and this application is one of the most popular applications in various countries. LINE is generally widely used by young people and above because there are lots of interesting features that LINE brings to pamper users.

With advanced features, it aims to reflect the uniqueness of LINE, which is different from other chat applications. This cross-platform application has several features, namely Android, IOS, macOS, and Line For Windows.

However, what we want to share here is an application for the Windows Surgery System. So you don’t have to install the emulator again on the laptop just to be able to install the application Line for Desktop. Because this application already exists for Windows.

The desktop version itself can run well on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. It’s interesting if your PC/Laptop already uses the Windows 10 operating system. That means you are very lucky because this application also comes in the form of UWP (General Windows Platform). This type can be said to be lighter than other types of Lines for Desktop.

Features Line For Windows:

  • Chat, Voice Call, Video Call, Story, and Group
  • Stickers and Themes
  • LINE Jobs
  • LINE Shopping
  • Watch Now
  • LINE Today
  • LINE Webtoon
  • Keep
  • LINE Pay
  • LINE Taxi
  • LINE TV, and more.

LINE App Functions and Benefits

  • Personal and Public Communication Media
  • Entertainment and Business Media
  • Media Storage and Sharing
  • Unlimited Network of Friends

We have explained earlier that this Line For Windows has interesting features. For those of you who have used LINE for Android or IOS, it turns out that you also know that it is not the features that are located on LINE, as well as LINE for Computers. the same as that found in the type of smartphone but. Such as group chats, voice or video calls, unique and funny stickers, and a simple and attractive UI display.

Don’t worry if you log in using a computer, the account on your smartphone will log out yourself because it won’t work. So you can use LINE on 2 features (smartphone and computer/laptop) with one account.

Not only that, if you have logged in to LINE for Computer, all chat history and friend recommendations will also appear on your computer/laptop if you have logged in on your smartphone.

You can use LINE for Computers as an alternative if you are working in front of a computer/laptop at the office, your smartphone is dead, and many other benefits.

Line For Windows 11/10/7 Download Latest 2023. So for those who want to use the social media applications that we discuss. Please use the download link that we have prepared easily and safely below.

Line For Windows 11/10/7 Download Latest 2023

Download → Line 2023 for Windows