LINE Apk Download Latest 2023 for Android

LINE Apk Download Latest 2023 for Android

LINE Apk Download Latest 2023 for Android. This application allows us to send instant messages to relatives, co-workers, subscriptions, and others. Line messenger requires an internet network to work. Furthermore, we can communicate with other users, both on computers, macs, smartphones, and other supported platforms.

The instant messages supported by the line messenger application are text messages, audio, video, images, and others. For Android smartphone device users, you can install it through the Google Play Store. If you use this method to install Line, then you must be connected to the internet. In addition, the installation file will not be saved. So if a friend asks for the installation file. He also has to go to the Google Play Store.

There is another way to install the Line messenger application, and this is mostly done by Android users. They chose to download the Line messenger APK. APK is the name of the installation file in the android system, the same is the case with the (exe) file for software on a computer.

For those of you who want to use the second method, here we provide a download link for the Line messenger apk. After downloading this file is stored on Android. After you do the installation, the file can still be sent to other people who need it.

Before installing and using the Line Messenger application on Android. It would be nice to first understand the functions of this application. Apart from that, of course, you want to know about the features that this application has.

Main Feature in LINE

1. SMS, Voice & Video Calls

For this first feature, it can be said that it is almost the same as that of WhatsApp. But LINE Messenger is also supported by various cool and interesting features, which we can use when communicating. For example, you want to send text messages, videos, stickers, photos, and more.

We can even make video calls to communicate face-to-face. Plus the line supports voice calling, just like we use our mobile devices to do it. But the difference is that LINE Messenger requires an internet connection.

2. Stickers and Emojis

If we compare this application with similar stickers. So LINE Messenger has been declared the winner because it has a large collection of cool and funny stickers. For its use there are free and some are paid. It all depends on you, is it enough with the free one. If not, Line provides a sticker shop, and you can buy it there.

3. Lines theme

Like other applications, for the convenience of its users and not switching to other applications. The LINE Messenger also provides interesting themes for us to use. The goal is to certain that every user is not bored with the look of it that’s all. So please select and apply the theme you want.

4. OpenChat

Use the line application to communicate with your acquaintances. It is usually done by users of other messenger applications. On LINE Messenger there is a feature called OpenChat, with the name alone we already know, this will extend beyond just acquaintances.

With this feature, we can get new friends who are interested in us. So what he shared is the same concept that we share. Whether it’s news, information, or other fun things.

5. LinePay

As the name suggests, this is a service feature that allows us to send or receive money from other line users. Not just payments, but can be integrated with point of sales applications. The goal is to make it easier for merchants to manage transactions.

6. Line Webtoons

For those who have read comics, this is a feature that is perfect for you. Either way, you will get all kinds of fun and entertainment for free here.

7. Keep

If you often use Google Drive to save files. So if you use LINE Messenger now, you can get cloud storage. The storage capacity is only 1GB, but it is free to use.

LINE’s New Features

LINE’s New Features, a variety of cool and interesting features. With the release of the latest version, it is now back to introducing new features for its users. The new feature is related to chat. Intrigued, let’s read this article to the end.

In the past, our chats on line messenger were collected in the same place. Now Line brings a much-needed new feature which is ‘Chat Folders’. As the name suggests, now our users can organize chats in this application into folders with special names. Through features that are now available at Line Labs for Android and iOS users. The chats in it can be sorted, so it becomes tidier.

Not only that, but with this feature, we can prioritize which chats we will open first. For example, we have chatted for, All, Friends, Groups, Official Accounts, and OpenChat. So LINE makes it easy to manage it, without having to do anything else.

If you are indeed a LINE messenger user that includes all chats, then you are required to activate this latest feature. To activate it can be said to be very easy. Just follow the step by step that we have written below.

How to activate the ‘Chat Folder’ feature on LINE

  1. Open the LINE app as usual
  2. Next to Settings
  3. Then select or click LINE Labs
  4. Look for the “Chat Folder” feature checklist, to activate it
  5. If you change your mind and want to remove this feature, remove the checklist

This feature is available for LINE Messenger version 10.19.0 and above, and now LINE is version 12.19.1 and you can get it at the end of this article. For now, only Android and iOS device users can enjoy the ‘Chat Folder’ feature. for those who use it on a desktop device, hopefully, in the future, the developer will also bring this feature.

Actually, there is much more that we can discuss with this one instant messaging application. But we only describe it a little, later when you have used it. Then all the features can be tried.

LINE Apk Download for Android, get the latest version of the installation file, by clicking the link that we have prepared below. if you want to use this messenger app on your Windows desktop device, click LINE for Windows.Thank you very much for stopping by our website.

LINE Apk Download Latest 2023 for Android

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