How to save videos from instagram

How to save videos from instagram

How to save videos from Instagram on PC is actually very easy and doesn’t need to install any application. The problem is that sometimes we don’t know how. Moreover, the Instagram application itself does not provide a download button to save photos or videos that people share to the application.

That’s one of the drawbacks of Instagram, but it could also be an advantage. Maybe because it protects the privacy or copyright of others, so Instagram itself does not provide download facilities. Hopefully in the future Instagram will provide download facilities, so that we can save videos and photos that we think are interesting.

As we know Instagram is a place to share photos, pictures and videos. There are so many good and cool photos that are shared by millions of users.

Maybe you have seen an interesting video or photo from Instagram. Then you are eager to keep it or just collect it. Relax, here we will review how, of course it can be done easily without adding any application. But remember to use it for good things only.

The way we save videos or photos from Instagram is by using a web browser on a computer device. Surely everyone who has a laptop or PC has a browser application.

How to save videos or photos from instagram

There are two ways that can be used to save videos on pc. The first is to use google chrome and the second is to use the mozilla firefox browser. Here’s the full review:

Using chrome browser

  1. The steps to save Instagram videos using Google Chrome are:
  2. Please open the google chrome browser.
  3. Then go to the Instagram web page at, then log in using your Instagram account.
  4. Find the video you want to download
  5. Click on the video (up to here for those of you who use IDM, of course you can save the video. But if you don’t have IDM, please continue).
  6. Then hover over the video and right click select inspect element.
  7. Look for code like this <div class=”xxxxx_xxxxx”. For example I found the code like this <div class=”_rx3v8 _osk57″, hover over the code. If the video is selected when you place the pointer over the code it means it is the code.
  8. Click on the code and right click, then edit as HTML.
  9. Look for a code that ends in .mp4 or another video extension. The characteristic of the url is that it always begins with the code src= (then the url).
  10. Open a new tab then copy the url and press enter.
  11. Please save by right-clicking save as, but usually, once you open the link, the video will be automatically downloaded.

How to save videos from Instagram, hopefully this article can help you. Thank you for visiting our website, don’t forget to share it. If there is an error in our article, please enter your comment.