How To Not Be An Internet Addicted Generation

How To Not Be An Internet Addicted Generation

How To Not Be An Internet Addicted Generation, How many times do you check your social media in a day? Five times? 12 times? 100 times? Or maybe more? Without realizing it, we are addicted to the internet. After waking up, what we tend to do first is to check our cellphones. It is undeniable that the Internet has become a necessity for everyone, supported by all kinds of gadgets that make our lives connected to the internet easier for us to work.

Online video is the most accessed content with users reaching 98%, while streaming and online gaming ranks second and third with 50% and 46% access, respectively. Then, are there among these groups what can be called the internet addiction generation?

Starting from using the internet to support work or other important things, instead of doing important things, but getting distracted by notifications offered by social media or endless scrolling. Internet addiction has indeed become a new phenomenon in society, and not many are aware that they are addicted.

Although this disorder does not have a significant effect, this impact will accumulate into an addiction effect which can later become more severe.

This is indeed very unfortunate, considering that there are actually many positive things that this new technology has to offer. The age group of internet addicts also varies. Not only from children but also adults. Therefore, let’s look at the characteristics of internet addiction so that we can find out the symptoms before becoming addicted.

How To Not Be An Internet Addicted Generation

Internet Addiction Characteristics

ReSTART, a Seattle-based research center on internet addiction created a list of questions to analyze whether a person has difficulty getting off the internet or not. Hilarie Cash, Executive Director of ReSTART summarizes 11 signs of internet addiction. If you have at least 5 of them, it could be that you belong to the generation of internet addiction.

  1. Feel better when you open your favorite site. The greater your euphoria when you open your favorite application or website, it could be a sign that you are starting to get addicted. The site could be social media or games.
  2. Feeling restless when away from the internet.
  3. Just like any other addiction, there is a feeling of anxiety when you can’t get what you need, namely the internet.
  4. Trying to control me not to use the internet too often, but always fail.
  5. Ignoring the people around you to spend more time on the internet.
  6. Loss of interest in activities in the real world and busy immersing themselves in virtual world activities.
  7. Start lying to the people closest to you about what you do on the internet.
  8. The internet interferes with your work and responsibilities in the real world.
  9. Always think about the internet when you can’t use it.
  10. Lying to the closest people just to be able to do online activities.
  11. Prefers to go online rather than sleep at night and can’t manage when to use the internet. Experiencing changes in body weight, headaches, back or wrist pain due to holding the gadget for too long.

The internet is designed to make us addicted, they are designed to keep us entertained and attract attention. Therefore it takes awareness from each individual, and if you already understand how to overcome the addiction, you can get more positive benefits from using the internet. Come on, start reducing your online duration in the ways below!

Tips for Not Addicted to the Internet

As an inseparable part of our daily life, the internet has brought many benefits. Not only is it a place to get information, but you can also learn and open wider horizons via the internet. But the use that is not wise, it can make a person addicted.

  1. In order to avoid internet addiction, there are several steps you can try. Anything?
  2. Have a hobby. A hobby is not just a filler of spare time. By doing something you enjoy in the real world, it will really help to reduce the amount of time you spend on the internet.
  3. Do an internet detox regularly. At least one day a week, try to get away from gadgets and everything related to the internet. Do other useful things from gathering with family, exercising to cleaning the house.
  4. Increase direct interaction with people around you.
  5. Read a lot of literature about the negative effects of excessive internet use. That way, you know when to be online and when to be offline.
  6. Look for entertainment in the real world. Even though there are so many movies, games, and videos that can be a source of entertainment, there is nothing wrong with going out from time to time and finding interesting things that are not sourced from the internet.
  7. Make time for family time. Family is often the most neglected part when you are busy on the internet. Spend at least 2 hours per day chatting with those closest to you.
  8. Reduce the time online little by little. Spending all day in front of the computer not only makes you addicted but also dangerous for your health. Start reducing the intensity little by little.
  9. Reset your online priorities. Try to find out what activities take up the most of your time on the internet. If it turns out that more is not useful, start to reorganize your priorities.
  10. Instead of just watching videos that are not important, you can take the time to read the news and share useful articles with those closest to you via the messenger application on your cellphone.

How To Not Be An Internet Addicted Generation, One of the factors that can also make someone linger on the internet is using multiple applications to perform various tasks. Even though you can work around this by choosing 1 product that has many functions at once. From there, only use what you really need.

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