Download WeChat 2023 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (32-bit/64-bit)

Download WeChat for WindowsDownload WeChat 2023 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (32-bit/64-bit). This application has been around since 2011, and it can only be used on smartphone devices. And in 2018 he is already a standalone software for mobile. It was said at that time that active users each month reached more than 1 billion. WeChat is great.

In the past, the WeChat application could only be used on mobile devices (smartphones). And some use it on Windows desktop devices using the help of other applications. I myself often use Bluestacks, to open android applications on windows.

But that was before, now, the WeChat developer has released a standalone application for Windows desktop devices. So, if you want to use WeChat for Windows, it’s easy. At the end of this article, you will find a download link for the WeChat installation file on windows. But before that, let’s see what are the advantages, features, and more of this software.

What is WeChat for Windows

WeChat for Windows is an instant messaging application that we can download and use for free. It is software originating from China 9Asia), and it is even the most popular messaging application in the market. Currently, apart from WhatsApp, WeChat is one of the instant messaging applications with the most active users in the world.

There are several differences that you will find when using WeChat for Windows. That is, its function goes beyond the typical instant messaging application in general. For example, in general, the functions of messaging applications are group chats, voice calls, video calls, and sending files, emojis, or GIFs.

But at the same time, WeChat has a lot more functionality or features on its own. In the following, we will provide some interesting features of WeChat for Windows.

Features WeChat 2023 for Windows

1. Messaging features

WeChat is definitely the main feature of an instant messaging app. For example, we want to chat in a family group, or individually. Regarding group chats, we can include up to 500 members, this is a very large capacity.

To invite new friends to the group, we can do it easily by using a QR code. When talking about this chat feature. Of course, we can do, send files such as photos and videos, share links, send GIFs and stickers, and much more.

2. Moments feature

If you are a WhatsApp software user, of course, you are no stranger to this feature. WeChat for Windows also has a Moments feature that allows you to share certain moments in the form of photos and videos uploaded to your account. If you notice there is a special section so that when you run this application on a smartphone. You can also see moments uploaded by your friends.

3. Payment

WhatsApp already has WhatsApp Pay (which is slowly expanding in international markets) and WeChat has Pay and Wallet. Currently, this feature is not available worldwide, but it is the two main features of WeChat. This is what allows users to make payments in a very convenient way without leaving the software.

4. Language support

You can use WeChat for Windows easily, the first time you use it, select the language you need. Don’t worry, this messaging app supports a total of 18 different languages. Of course, this number will increase over time when there are new users from different countries.

Support for multiple languages ​​allows you to translate messages sent by new friends from other countries, for example from China to Spain. Not only for text messages, but WeChat can also translate voice messages. Likewise with the moments shared by your friends.

5. Free download

It’s free, yes, this is the main feature chosen by messaging application users. So we can get the installation file for free on the Official Web. You can also click the link we provide to go to the official download site.

So, that’s a little explanation about WeChat for windows. Interested in using it, use the download link below to get the installation file.

Download WeChat 2023 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (32-bit/64-bit)

Download → WeChat 3.8.0 for Windows