Do We Need to Install Antivirus on Android Smartphones?

Do We Need to Install Antivirus on Android Smartphones?

Do We Need to Install Antivirus on Android Smartphones? Since its introduction to the public a decade ago, Android has skyrocketed and won the business competition. Of all the mobile phones sold in the world, this operating system from Google leads the market with a sales percentage reaching 80.

Considering a large number of users of this OS, the cybercriminals are also not silent. They think of this phenomenon as an opportunity to make a profit even if they use the wrong method. Follow the full discussion here!

  1. Actually is there a virus on Android?
    Compared to its strongest competitor, iOS, Android tends to be weaker in terms of security. Not only that, if it is indicated that there is a virus on Android features, the user must carry out the cleaning manually.

    And yes, viruses on Android do exist. All of these viruses can hit your favorite cellphone through third parties, namely applications that you install outside the default application of your own cellphone.

  2. What is the real danger of viruses?
    There are many reasons why someone would create a virus program. Moreover, many of the alibis behind this are prestigious and only show off, you know.

    However, some others also really intend to seek certain advantages. For example, they want to get your personal data for certain purposes or even for blackmailing or extortion purposes.

  3. What are some examples of viruses found on Android?
    Basically, a virus is a piece of malware or a malicious application. The term virus is becoming more widely used to refer to all types of malware, although this interpretation is also not quite right.

    Anyway, there are actually quite a lot of types of viruses aka malware that are ready to hit Android. The following are some types of viruses that you may have experienced yourself.

    • adware
    • malware banker
    • ransomware
    • trojan spyware
  4. So, need antivirus, no?
    Actually, you don’t need to download an antivirus on your favorite Android phone. As long as you don’t download apps outside of Google Playstore and enter strange websites. Whether intentional or not, your phone will be just fine. For further security,

    • open the Settings menu
    • Security
    • Unknown Sources
    • disabled.

However, if you are the type who likes to try various applications and dare to take risks, it is better for you to install an antivirus as prevention and protection. There are many antivirus applications that you can choose from to detect and remove viruses, such as Avast, Lookout, and 360 Mobile Security.

As an Android user in this digital era, it means for you to protect the data that you store in the feature. Don’t let this simple negligence caused you to face unpleasant things in the future, OK?

Do We Need to Install Antivirus on Android Smartphones? Thus, we share this post, so that we can better recognize what must be done in the features that we use. Create other data, relatives can share in the opinion column. Thank you for stopping by our place.

Do We Need to Install Antivirus on Android Smartphones?