Create Gmail Account and Advantages of Using Gmail

Create Gmail Account and Advantages of Using Gmail
Create Gmail Account and Advantages of Using Gmail. More and more people are now using a Gmail account as their primary email address. The reason is that the way to create a Gmail account is so practical and this account can be used to access features and websites that are connected to Google.

However, the advantages of a Gmail account do not stop there. Here are a number of advantages of using a Gmail account as well as an easy way to create one.

Advantages of using a Gmail account

Among the various competing platforms, the Gmail account is the most superior thanks to the advantages it has, see the following:

1. Search for a specific email quickly.

The Google search feature in Gmail allows you to find emails quickly. So, you don’t have to search through the piles of inboxes, drafts, or sent boxes.

2. Repel spam emails.

Gmail has the ability to get rid of spam emails or similar emails that you don’t want. If the spam email manages to escape to your inbox, you can also report this so that Gmail’s filtering capabilities will improve.

3. There are chat features in the form of text, voice, and video.

Now, you can not only send and receive emails from other people because Gmail has features for chat, whether in the form of text, voice, or video. Just set up your Gmail voice and equip your computer with a webcam.

4. Email replies (threads) are designed to resemble conversations.

Sometimes, the reply email looks too full or confusing because it contains the content of the previous email. In Gmail, email replies look like conversations so you can focus on a single message.

5. Equipped with labels, filters, and stars.

The label, filter, and star features help organize all the emails in your account. Labels function like folders, filters are useful for filtering incoming messages, while stars are used to mark messages that are important.

6. Ads that appear have been filtered.

You will still see ads on your Gmail page, but all the ads that appear have been filtered according to your interests. So, no more irrelevant pop-up ads.

7. User-friendly mobile interface.

Gmail is available in the form of a smartphone application so that it can be accessed anytime. The user-friendly appearance of Gmail mobile makes you not need to open a large Gmail page like on the desktop version.

How to create a new Gmail account

After understanding the various advantages that Gmail has, here are the easy steps to create a new Gmail account.

  1. Go to or visit the page.
  2. Then tap or click on ‘Create your Google Account’.
  3. In the ‘Name’ field, enter your first and last name.
  4. Then in the ‘Choose your username’ column, select the username you will use. This username will later become your email address.
  5. In the ‘Create a password’ field, enter the password you want. Choose a password that consists of a combination of letters and numbers to be more secure. Re-type the password in the ‘Confirm your password’ column, then click or tap ‘Next’.
  6. Next we will be asked to verify with a phone number. You can skip this step if you don’t want to. If you enter a phone number, Google will use this information to keep your account secure. Our advice is that you use a personal cellphone number.
  7. Enter your date of birth in the ‘Birth date’ column, then select your gender in the ‘Gender’ column. Then, click or tap on ‘Next’.
  8. Observe the terms and conditions listed, then proceed by clicking ‘I Agree’.
  9. You will be directed to a page containing personal information. Here, you can include a brief bio, set the privacy of personal information, and perform other regulatory functions.
  10. How to create a new Gmail account is relatively easy and practical. However, you may spend more time completing personal data, photos, and other information.
  11. While completing all this information, you can use your Gmail account to log in to various websites, games, and social media. All three have been equipped with a special button that is connected to Gmail so you don’t have to register an email address repeatedly.

Create Gmail Account and Advantages of Using Gmail

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