Best Messaging App For Computer Devices (PC)

Best Messaging App For Computer Devices (PC)

Best Messaging App For Computer Devices (PC). When you want to send a file that is stored on a Computer Device (PC), to your friends, or when you have to make a video call with many people at once, or it could be when you have limited use of cellphones.

Maybe you will need a chat application on a Computer Device (PC), which will overcome and simplify your activities or complete your work.

Some of these chat applications have features that are no less important, even more so than smartphones. You only need to download and install the application on your computer. Here are some chat applications for PCs that are popularly used and of course the applications that we will discuss below are free.

Best Messaging App For Computer Devices (PC)

  1. WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is one of the chat applications for Computer Devices (PC), which you can use. This application is very popular in almost all countries and has many users. You can install WhatsApp on Windows and macOS. In addition, WhatsApp Web is also available which you can access with a browser.WhatsApp provides chat services, voice and video calls, and transfers of files, photos, audio, and video. With identification by phone number, you can create an account and make friends on WhatsApp. This app also allows you to send contacts and share your location.You can also create a group chat with several friends with a maximum of 256 people. This application that collaborates with Facebook also provides a Status feature where you can share moments in the form of photos, videos, or words to all your contacts.
  2. LINE
    LINE will really support you when it comes to chatting. LINE is available for devices with Windows OS, MacOS, and Chrome for PC and laptop use. This application that comes from Japan provides an interesting experience while chatting.You can change the theme, profile background, and upload posts. LINE provides a timeline for sharing posts among friends. Not only that, LINE as a news platform also offers up-to-date news that you can respond to and share with your friends.As a chat application, on LINE of course there is a chat feature with friends, several friends, or groups. Apart from that, you can also make calls, send files, share photos and videos, and much more. Uniquely, you can buy some interesting stickers to support more exciting chats with friends.
  3. Telegram
    Besides me personally, Telegram is also a chat application that many users think about. This cloud-based storage application can run lighter than other chat applications. Through Telegram, you can share files with a larger size.That’s why many instant messaging app users use Telegram to share photos, videos, and even movies. Telegram can accommodate a maximum of 200,000 users in a group. With the various chat features it offers, this application claims to be able to work faster, safer, and can be streamlined.Telegram also provides stickers that are always updated. You can change the display to dark mode or mix your own colors. This application offers a Saved Messages feature for you to save messages or chats from anywhere.
  4. Viber
    Furthermore, the fourth row (4), there is Viber. You can use this chat application for Computer Devices (PC) on Windows or Mac. Just like other chat applications, Viber also provides applications for Android and Ipone smartphone users. Viber APP supports chat features with a collection of attractive stickers/GIFs.You can transfer files, photos, videos, and audio. Apart from that, Viber also allows you to make voice and video calls with other people. On Viber, you can create a group that can accommodate all members of the community without a limit on the number of members.
  5. Signal
    You can get the chat application for PC devices this time for free for Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. Besides being free, Signal provides a chat feature that is not inferior to other similar applications.This application was developed from donations from donors which aims to build a secure communication technology. With App Signal, you can send messages, sounds, videos, pictures and files for free. You can also make voice and video calls with clear voice. Besides that, it is also possible for you to create group chats.

Those are some of the best messaging apps in our picks, a list of all the ones we’ve selected and discussed here, in our opinion. If you have another choice, please provide your reasons in the comments column. Thank you for visiting our website.