7 Diseases That Can Appear Due to the Negative Impact of Cellphones

7 Diseases That Can Appear Due to the Negative Impact of Cellphones

7 Diseases That Can Appear Due to the Negative Impact of Cellphones, It is undeniable, the ease of technology presented in smartphones makes it difficult for us to take it off our hands. There are many positive benefits that can be obtained from this technology. But on the other hand, the negative consequences of HP also continue to show its shape, especially from the health side.

The use of mobile phones without realizing it has changed the pattern of our lives. The routine of looking down at the screen or not being able to sleep if you haven’t checked messages are just a few examples of the many changes that occur.

This change can have adverse effects on health, both in the short and long term. So, you need to be wiser in using this technology.

Negative effects of HP on health

Not many are aware that there are various health problems that can arise as a negative result of using cell phones. Short-term effects such as exposure to germs to long-term such as increasing the risk of brain cancer can arise due to excessive use of cellphones.

More fully, here are the types of diseases that can arise as a result of negative cell phones:

  1. Eye problems
    Small writings plastered on the cellphone screen and the sometimes very bright rays of light, in the long run, can irritate the eyes. Because these two things make our eyes work harder than they should.

    Moreover, now there is a special name for eye conditions related to the total use of cellphones or gadgets, namely digital eye strain.

    Indications of this condition include red eyes, dry eyes, and blurred thinking. To avoid this, you should not stare at the cellphone screen for too long. Leave enough space for a break before you put it back on.

  2. HP is full of bacteria, such as germs and viruses
    The surface of the mobile phone may at first glance look clean. However, do you know that it is one of the dirtiest surfaces?

    Many people do not realize that mobile phones are the first items that are held after carrying out various activities, including dirty ones. Are you aware that activities such as after urinating, holding the handrails on the train, until after eating, you immediately hold the cellphone?

    All of that can transfer germs, viruses, or other harmful bacteria to the surface of your cellphone. Various diseases can occur as a result of this routine, ranging from diarrhea, fever, to vomiting.

  3. Disturbing the sleep cycle
    The smartphone that you use emits blue light or blue light from the screen. When you use your cellphone before going to bed, this light exposure will limit the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that stimulates drowsiness.

    With exposure to blue light, the brain’s mechanism thinks that it’s still daytime, so to keep you awake, the mechanisms in the brain will automatically limit melatonin.

    This can disrupt your sleep cycle. Meanwhile, as we know, adequate sleep is very important to keep the body healthy.

  4. Makes the thumb joint stiff
    Playing on a cell phone for a long time will make the thumb stiff when it is in a bent position. So, when you try to straighten it again, you will hear a fairly loud sound and sticking out a burning feeling.
  5. Stimulate neck pain
    When using a cell phone, the neck position is usually in a bent position. This routine can make neck muscles stiff and cramp. In severe cases, the routine of looking down for a long time can also cause back, shoulder, and arm pain.
  6. Stimulates the risk of brain cancer
    Radiofrequency waves emitted by cell phones are thought to have the potential to stimulate cancer. Because these waves can be absorbed by tissues in the body whose position is next to the cellphone when used.

    Several years later, international cancer research institutes have included radiofrequency waves as one of the potentially carcinogenic substances. That is, the wave has the potential to increase the risk of cancer.

  7. Disturbing mental health
    The bond between cellphone use and mental health is greatly influenced by the presence of social media. Some research shows that people who view other people’s posts very often tend to feel more unhappy, mentally stressed, and feel alone than their friends.

    This is related to the routine of equating one’s own life with others, which is difficult to avoid when we open social media.

Although the negative effects of cell phones on health are real, that doesn’t mean you have to stop using them altogether. However, this technology has become a part of life that is difficult to separate.

You just need some don’t be wiser in using your cell phone. Do not stay in the same position for too long when wearing it. In addition, make sure to always keep your hands and cell phone clean, to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

7 Diseases That Can Appear Due to the Negative Impact of Cellphones

The use of mobile phones can indeed provide many benefits for everyday life. However, everything that is too late is not good, contained in using this one technology. There are many negative effects of cellphones that can come if you are not wise in using them.

From a health perspective, various common problems such as eye pain and easy contact with bacteria, to severe ones such as cancer, can occur due to excessive use of cell phones. So, you are advised to be more vigilant.

7 Diseases That Can Appear Due to the Negative Impact of Cellphones,¬†we share this article so that it can be a lesson, how we must choose something right. Even though it’s something that is needed, the last word is to take care of your health, because that’s the most expensive of all. Thank you for stopping at our website.